Explosion at corn milling plant rocks Wisconsin town


She says four are in the hospital's burn center, while the fifth is in the hospital's trauma and life support center. Didion said it was too early to determine a cause for the explosion. The mill was located across from the Didion ethanol plant, which was not effected by the explosion. The explosion and fire also leveled parts of the facility. Robert Goodenow's body was found Thursday night.

Richards said one person was killed and two people were still missing as of Thursday morning.

The company has closed until further notice, but Clark said Friday all the plant workers will keep their jobs. The explosion happened shortly after 11 pm Wednesday. Recovery crews searched a mountain of debris on Thursday fol.

Explosions related to ethanol are not uncommon, though the majority of such explosions usually occur as the energy source is being transported via trains.

Authorities say more than one dozen are hurt, but did not specify on the extent of their injuries.

Crews are searching for a worker who remains unaccounted for following a fatal explosion at a southern Wisconsin corn mill.

"Sixteen employees were working at the time, two were able to leave and refused medical treatment", said Dennis Richards, Columbia County sheriff, following the explosion on May 31. At least two people were killed, including a worker whose body was pulled from the rubble on Thursday. She said two of them are out safe, but two are still missing.

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Other employees were taken to a hospital in Beaver Dam.

According to a GoFundMe page set up, one victim was identified as 27-year-old Duelle Block. He says at least 16 employees were working at the time.

Mill President Riley Didion says the company is still not sure about what could have caused the explosion, and they are investigating the issue.

The mill was reprimanded by federal safety inspectors six years ago for not taking precautions against dust explosions, which are a major hazard in handling grain, records showed.

According to Chief Doucette, there was a fire in a different section of the plant on Monday.

They don't know if there's a connection between that fire and the explosion.