Kevin Durant's Menacing Defense Leads The Way For Warriors


The King was 32 years old when these NBA Finals started. They went to a smaller lineup that contributed to Golden State committing 20 turnovers a game after tying a Finals record with four.

After the first two games of the 2017 NBA Finals, the Golden State Warriors' victory has become such a foregone conclusion that they're being compared with the greatest teams of all time - and would be favored against the 72-10 Chicago Bulls team - and Charles Barkley went on NBC's Stanley Cup Finals broadcast to bash this year's NBA playoffs.

In fact, through its opening two uncompetitive contests, these Finals actually have been closer than the 2016 Finals.

The Warriors just won by a combined 41 points.

The offense picked up thanks to 27 points from Kevin Love and the Cavs scored 22 more points than in the opener in a faster-paced game, but that also helped the Warriors improve their shooting from 43 percent to 52 percent as Cleveland had a weaker defensive unit on the floor.

Yes, dead, as deceased as they are right now, at least according to multiple news agencies, some of which, when the real stuff is lacking, just make up news so they have something to report.

Now, do I expect Cleveland to win Wednesday night? Irving is 11-for-24 (45.8 percent) from that area over the first two games. "I just relaxed tonight, and took good shots in rhythm". Well, let's just say such a development would be only slightly more shocking than one day reading this headline: "LaVar Ball Breaks His Silence". A lot of teams have copied this strategy this year.

That's what Mitch Kupchak did, and look what that logic got him. We literally have never once mentioned 16-0.

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Durant also had the added benefit of never truly becoming an National Basketball Association villain the way James was in his first season with the Heat.

Friday, June 9: Golden State at Cleveland, 9 p.m.

Whether Golden State won by 20 or lost by 20, Durant was hot almost every game he played in.

With unmatched firepower, the Warriors are pushing the pace and the Cavaliers to exhaustion. It is an extremely specific skill set that allows players to play up a position, but teams are becoming cognizant that, from a cost-benefit analysis, it makes more sense to flood the floor with playmaking, rangy players that can shift positions rather than holding onto previous National Basketball Association archetypes. "So again, talking is one thing but if you feel like you need to do something?"

For the record, the commissioner didn't specify when the National Basketball Association provides competition.

"So, I mean, it's easy to draw back on previous year because it was a tough series for us". Last year, though, Green said that Golden State was "absolutely" aiming for the 73-win record. The Warriors are two wins from sweeping all four rounds, including the last one, against the defending champs.

It is a team exclusively focused on showcasing the talents of one player and hoping that player can overpower the opposing team's five-man defensive front. Both of those games played Under their respective totals.

Frankly, if you aren't joining Golden State or Cleveland this summer, it doesn't matter where you're going.