Tim Farron: 'Bogus' Brexit arguments not the reason Theresa May called election


With many Scots - 62 per cent of whom voted to remain in the European Union - leery of being dragged into a hard Brexit by a Conservative UK government in thrall to English nationalism, the case for Scottish independence could be compelling.

"If the United Kingdom, after the election, wants to withdraw (Article 50), then the procedure is very clear", he said.

Labour Party chief Jeremy Corbyn said the June 8 election pitted "the establishment vs. the people" and insisted the result is not a foregone conclusion.

"She looked across the despatch box and thought "I can not resist the temptation of taking on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party - the most ineffective opposition in inter-planetary history".

Many Labour MPs view Corbyn as an electoral liability, rejecting his left-wing views as impractical, and are already seeking to distance themselves from him in the campaign.

Watch this space. We are putting a message out there - this country does not have to be so divided, (there) does not have to be such appalling levels of poverty and unachieved ambition because of people growing up in poverty.

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However, Corbyn refused to say whether there would be a pledge for a second Brexit referendum in Labour's forthcoming manifesto, in response to journalists' questions following his speech. "I don't play by their rules and if a Labour government is elected on June 8 we won't play by their rules" either, he said to loud cheers from the audience gathered in Westminster on Thursday afternoon.

Notwithstanding the unpredictability of British politics nowadays, May's Conservative Party is expected to win the election handily. The Scottish voted 62% to 38% against Brexit, tend to lean left, and might balk at an increasingly conservative Parliament.

"Sadly the Labour Party gave her a mandate for Brexit as they pushed us off a cliff-edge voting for Article 50 without a single condition attached".

In an effort to try and win over support from these voters the Party is mulling a plan for a second referendum as part of its election manifesto, the Times has reported.

Mr Tajani, whose organisation has a veto on the final Brexit withdrawal deal, said the meeting went well.

Stewart Edge, chairman of Waverley Liberal Democrats, said: "As Waverley voted 58 per cent to Remain in the European Union, we will be working hard locally to show voters the Liberal Democrats are the party to give a voice to their concerns and represent their views". The European Parliament will have to approve any deal agreed between Britain and the 27-member EU.