Three Girls cast: Lisa Riley talks trauma surrounding story


The drama, which unfolded over three consecutive episodes shown on BBC One, detailed a series of police failings which lead to an initial case being dropped.

Lisa explained: "The real life me and the real life Liv [Hill]'s character were there behind the monitor and we were like we can't get upset or angry because acting this to the best of our ability will help girls everywhere".

In real life, Sara is set to appear on First Dates to reclaim her life after the tragic events.

"I'm from Manchester, Rochdale is 11 miles from my home", Lisa shared.

"I'm coming out of a very hard, dark time". Me and my friends would clump together for safety.

Lisa's voice trembled as she recalled: "I remember the day when we met with the director and the phenomenal team, and when you read the script and every word is true..."

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Three Girls is not necessarily comfortable viewing for social workers as we watch so many failings of our own profession on full display for the world to see.

She said: "I feel like they're going to attempt to hitch up their wagon opportunistically to anything".

"It cocooned my life".

"It's important that the BBC took a chance because it could have gone one of two ways". Loose Women panellist Lisa Riley played the mother of Amber and Ruby and was nearly brought to tears while speaking about her role yesterday.

"Kirsten Barger wrote on Twitter: "Have had to stop watching - it's too disgraceful bad terrible and still happening somewhere #threegirls, while Leanne Jackman added: "#threegirls is such a hard watch, I had to switch off" and viewer Sarah said: "#threegirls absolutely grim, this should not be on tv, had to switch off".

"I believe senior police officers should be held accountable for failing to act", she said.