Rajinikanth says system is corrupt, hints at entry into Tamil Nadu politics


The 66-year-old star described his brief stint in politics two decades ago as a "political accident".

Over a period of four days, the superstar met his fans in batches, between May 15 and 19.

He said, "Some people are using ill words on social media to criticise me". He has even asked his fans not to be disappointed if he doesn't join the Indian politics as he would continue serving them through his movies. "I have responsibilities and works, same with you, let's do it, but when the ultimate war comes, we all will see", ANI quoted the superstar as saying. So go back to your places and look after your families and attend to your duties. "Get ready for war", Rajinikanth roared to his fans in Chennai. "We need to change the system", he said. "We should change the system". The actor had said he had no desire to join politics, but if he does, the actor would avoid ll "money-minded" people.

Summary: COIMBATORE: DMK working president M K Stalin said he was happy to hear superstar Rajinikanth terming him an efficient administrator.

"Cho Ramaswamy used to say that Mr. Stalin will do wonders if he is given a free hand".

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The film also enraged Ramadoss, who accused Rajinikanth of misleading the youth with his unique cigarette flinching style, among other gimmicks.

Asserting that he is a "true Tamilian", Rajinikanth said if people ask him to go out of Tamil Nadu, he will only fall in Himalayas and not in any other state. I am a Tamil to the core.

In an open interaction with his fans, Rajinikanth had said, Right now God is using me as an actor, but I cant say anything about the future. " Naan pachai Tamizhan (I'm a pure Tamil)".

"The primary question posed against me is this: Is Rajinikanth a Tamil?" I was in Karnataka only for the first 23 years of my life. People will talk negatively about me, but I don't want any of you to feel bad about it. Though I came here as a Marathi or Kannadiga, you have showered love, affection, name and fame. and indeed, you have made me a Tamil.

As per the sources, Rajnikanth has concerns for the turmoil of the politics of Tamil Nadu and was a bit disturbed after the demise of the state's CM, Jayalalitha.