Pennsylvania man jailed; 3 kids found alone, toddler caged


Inside the house, they found a 22 month-old boy in a make-shift crate made out of plywood and lattice, that was locked from the outside. Hospital staff notified state police about the toddlers and newborn at home alone and that's when troopers made the alarming discovery.

A Pennsylvania mother whose 22-month-old son was kept in a cage by the child's father says local child welfare officials had seen the enclosure and "had no problem with it".

Police say that when Kutz, 37, returned home he was taken into custody. Fred Krute, commander of the Schuylkill Haven state police barracks, speaks about discovering a toddler locked in a cage at a home at 316 Chestnut St., Pottsville, during a press conference at the Schuylkill Haven State Police barracks on Thursday, May 18, 2017.

No one answered their knocks, so they entered the home and found the three children just inside the door.

On Tuesday night, the mother gave birth to their third child, inside the residence.

Troopers say there was no baby formula inside the home and it looked as if the baby girl had not been fed.

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A criminal complaint filed in the incident said Kutz left the children alone for a minimum of 40 minutes and where he went was unknown.

"That really hits home given how close it is".

"It's a rare thing that you would find a child in a cage and obviously it's sad", Krute said. "They're nice on the outside but deep down inside they're no good. I hope he gets what he gets, because if I would have caught him, it would've have been the same way, trust me", added Matthew Condash.

He was charged with three counts of endangering the welfare of children and three counts of recklessly endangering another person.

All three children were then taken into the care of county child services.

State police said Kutz told them he left the kids alone while he went to see his wife at the hospital - that it would be easier if he left them at home.