'No Plans' for Destiny 2 on Nintendo Switch


"With games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, ARMS and Splatoon 2, the next few months will be a summer of social competitive gaming on Nintendo Switch", said Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America's SVP of Sales and Marketing. Do you like these new colors? However, the campaign was originally launched with additional goals of $3.1 million for an Xbox One release and $4.95 million for a Nintendo Switch port. This choice dynamically changes how the arms attack and move, from boomerangs that go sideways to missiles that launch straight ahead.

The news was accompanied by a Nintendo Switch trailer, showcasing the isometric, cooperative combat that players can expect from the game. The Nintendo Pro Controller will work just as well, as mentioned here.

Will you be giving ARMS Global Testpunch a run on May 26?

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Each arm you choose has a different weight class. ARMS is a kind of game where you have to use punches, throws, and blocks to knock out your contender. The first Global Testpunch (like Splatoon 2's Global Testfire) will take place between May 27th and 28th, while the second will take place between June 3rd and 4th. These modes will allow up to 20 players in the same lobby. All Switch owners will need to do is download the demo from the Nintendo eShop and log in during the announced days.

Team Fight is a 2-v-2 team-based game mode in which teammates are tethered together. Apparently, a new set of modes is expected to arrive to "ARMS" as soon as its gets released. Thanks to a partnership with Blizzard, the game will be exclusively tied to Battle.net, and offer players a number of exclusive technical features such as an uncapped framerate and 4K support. There's also a 1-on-100 mode where 100 enemies attack you.