Look at the new stuff coming in Overwatch's Anniversary event, including DANCES


There is no information on the pricing of the four new Overwatch Anniversary skins.

The rest of the interview is a good read for Overwatch players, as it touched upon topics such as incentives for competitive play, seasonal events, the Overwatch League, and many more.

Blizzard has been disseminating teases for the new goodies coming with its upcoming in-game celebration and the new dance emotes are the most exciting of all, obviously.

According to the reports, Blizzard allowed the fans to feast their eyes on three new Arena Maps that will become part of the game on the release of Anniversary Event.

According to Kaplan, while an expansion pack or sequel for Overwatch could be cool, the development team now has no idea what that would look like. Many are now speculating that the event might be like their past game events.

The interview started with a question on expansion packs and sequels, as the Overwatch team already previously stated that they do not like the idea of releasing DLCs for the game.

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While it would be unusual to launch a sequel just a year and a half after the original Overwatch, Blizzard and Activision have shown lately they're open to producing sequels to other continually-developed games, like Destiny 2 and the recent Heroes of the Storm 2.0 huge update. The sudden move is meant to give players the opportunity to try the game out thus opening up greater sales opportunities for the already popular title.

Overwatch's shorts have been wildly successful, and have even won Blizzard some awards. The anniversary loot boxes will have over 100 different items, including skins, voice lines, victory poses, and more.

Overwatch Anniversary Event - When is it?

Blizzard has not yet announced their plans for their anniversary.

All of the new loot will be made available during Overwatch Anniversary, which is set to last from May 23 to June 12.

However, since the last one, which starred hacker hero Sombra, was unveiled last November at BlizzCon 2016, the Overwatch team has not released any animated shorts.