LOCAL ELECTIONS: Conservatives take control of Warwickshire Council


"We have five weeks to win the General Election so we can fundamentally transform Britain for the many not the few".

May is asking voters to strengthen her hand as she seeks a mandate for her plan to implement the result of last year's Brexit referendum by quitting the EU's single market.

"It seems that the Theresa May and the Conservative Party have consolidated their grip on the right-wing of the British electorate, and they are very much the party that is trusted to deliver Brexit", said Phillips.

Cllr Truelove wondered if, with a general election around the corner, voters would be less inclined to vote "politically" in the local elections, instead focusing more on the quality of the local candidate than they perhaps would have done had Theresa May not called a snap vote for June 8.

Opinion polls suggest May has a runaway lead in the national election of around 20 percentage points, which could give her over a 100 more seats in parliament.

But the results will deepen the gloom of Labour members who believe staunchly left-wing leader Jeremy Corbyn - painted by the Conservatives as a high-taxing loose spender who is weak on security - is driving the party toward resounding defeat on June 8.

Labour has blamed "unique circumstances" for an election that it expected would be "challenging" for the party.

The online poll of 1,552 people was conducted on May 3 and 4. That said, the council elections saw Labour on 31% of the vote, with the Conservatives on 30% and the Lib Dems on 11%.

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And UKIP's four county councillors have also lost their seats.

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron claimed only his party could prevent a Conservative "coronation", despite its failure to make a hoped-for breakthrough in its former South West stronghold. Nationalist party Plaid Cymru gained 33 seats for a total of 202 with control of one council.

May said she was taking nothing for granted.

This leaves Ruth Davidson's Conservatives comfortably in second place behind the SNP, and shunts Labour down to third - exactly what Labour supporters in Scotland fear will happen in the general election.

As expected The Conservatives have made gains while nearly all the other parties have lost ground.

Local election results are nowhere near being a ideal predictor of how people will vote in a general election - not every area of the country voted, and lots of people who do vote in a general election don't bother to turn out for local races, so the effects are never identical.

Elections were also held for eight regional mayoral posts in England, six of them newly created. The Conservative James Palmer became the first mayor for the Cambridge and Peterborough region. "It has been too London-centric for too long".

The other parties, Labour, Liberal Democrats and U.K. Independence Party, lost ground.