Kolkata Shahi Imam Barkati injured in a scuffle after his termination


"He is no longer the Imam of the mosque" said Arif Ahmed, Chairman of the Trust. He was also show caused in March. In the midst of it, Barkati was hit on the head, said sources. "He will be removed by the trustee board not only for his threats of "jihad against India" and refusal to remove the red beacon from his vehicle, but also for insubordination and subversive activities", Ali told Mirror. From defying government order to ban use of Red Beacon to issuing a fatwa against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Barakati has courted many controversies in recent times.

Though he enjoyed the support of Mamata Banerjee, the Imam fell out with the TMC supremo after he refused to remove a red beacon from his auto and issued statements of waging Jihad against India if the nation was declared as a Hindu State.

Maulana Sharafat Abrar Qasmi Dinajpuri, the convener of Tahaffuz- E- Masjid Committee, said: "Barkati should be dealt with legally if he sticks to his claim of not vacating the Imam's offices even after his termination".

He also drew flak for commenting that Muslims would "fight for Pakistan if India became a Hindu state".

Shahi Imam is designated to administer namaz to royal families.

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Referring to the police complaint lodged against Barkati two days ago for allegedly snatching away the keys of the mosque office, Ahmed hoped the law would take its due course. Barkati refused to attach any importance to the termination notice.

"I will continue my work here as an Imam like previous days", he added. The reports suggest that the board is miffed with the Anti-National comments that have brought a tremendous amount of displeasure for the community as well.

He blamed three Trinamool leaders - Chowdhury, Sultan Ahmed and Nadimul Haque - for the termination letter issued to him. Let her come back. "After all he the Prime Minister of the country and his chair should be respected", said Abrar. Salim welcomed Barkati's removal. He is an Imam for all namazis who may have different political beliefs.

"I hope this decision will bring to an end the mixing of religion and politics", said Salim.