Johnny Depp: I'd take over Alec Baldwin as Trump on SNL


DeGeneres asked Depp if he'd ever seen Alec Baldwin's famed Trump impression on "Saturday Night Live". "Well, I've seen Trump do Trump, which is shocking to me", deadpanned Depp.

Johnny Depp: "I just love the fact that he's unable - even more so than me - he's unable to finish a, to form a sentence, actually formulate a sentence that becomes vocabulary that actually works together".

On Thursday, Ellen DeGeneres complimented Johnny Depp on his ability to "do a great Trump" impression in his faux amusing or Die film, Art of the Deal. Studio 8H's resident Trump, Alec Baldwin, has said he sees an end to his SNL impression of the President. "And you want to look at him and you want to go, 'You won!'"

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"His policies aside which you can hate, I thought he would have just relaxed and said 'hey man".

Co-director Espen Sandberg was above swiping things from the set, although there was one item he did kind of have his eye on: "I think uh, the compass". Which is why I'm not going to do it very much longer by the way, I don't think people can take it'. Depp played him previous year in a 50-minute "Funny or Die" parody called "The Art of the Deal: The Movie". "We had to constantly be wet, so this poor, lovely makeup lady would come come over with a cold bottle of spritzer and apologise and then just spray it in my face, periodically throughout the day", Scodelario told The Guardian newspaper. There's a pretense. There's something created about him in the sense of bullydom.