In the USA, several people fell from the Ferris wheel


The three people had been in the same cart on the Ferris wheel, which had been set up for the Rhododendron Festival at Memorial Field, said Bill Beezley, a public information officer with the East Jefferson Fire Department.

The three were rushed to Harbor View Medical Center in Seattle after the acident at the Rhododendron carnival in Port Townsend, reported CBS News. Officials said she is in critical condition.

The accident occurred at Port Townsend's annual Rhododendron Festival carnival.

They landed on metal casing that supports the Ferris wheel on the ground. The other two a 47 year old woman and a 7 year old child have non life-threatening injuries. "When I saw the first person hit the ground, I just grabbed my two-year-old and closed my eyes, and I didn't know if they were dead or alive or if we were going to fall", she said.

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Washington state's Labor and Industries Department is investigating, reported CNN affiliate KIRO.

Neither Oregon nor Washington have state inspectors who routinely inspect carnival rides; however, both states require insurance companies to get proof of inspections on each ride annually by private inspectors on an approved lists.

The festival posted a statement on its Facebook page thanking "all the volunteers and employees that stepped up out of the crowd to make sure the victims were attended to and the incident was controlled".

That ride is operated by a Portland company called Funtastic Shows, which also provides rides for City Fair. "Once again please keep the victims and their families in your prayers".