"I thought I was the correct candidate".


To add salt to the wound, he continued, "I thought I was a great candidate".

The former Vice President, who decided not to stand in last year's election following the death of his son Beau, said he would have been a great candidate.

Biden also admitted people have been approaching him to run for President, but he has told them he can't commit right now.

Former Vice President Joe Biden surprised many on Thursday with remarkably candid comments on former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's campaign, including that he "never thought" Clinton was a great candidate.

Additionally, in a December 22 interview with the Los Angeles Times, Biden said Clinton was reticent to run and ultimately didn't know why she did.

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Biden also made allusion to the state of the country, President Obama went eight years "without a single scandal", Biden said to applause. "Let's wake up!" Biden declared.

Biden also talked about working with Mr. Obama for almost a decade, saying they often disagreed on tactics and even had their share of "shouting matches".

While all of those decisions are now in the past, Democrats have been speculating on Biden's future, wondering whether the former vice president would run to challenge Trump in the 2020 race.

"So Joe Biden's not one of the most qualified candidates?" During his remarks, the former vice president appeared to knock Clinton while suggesting that he would have been a superior candidate in the 2016 election, CNN reports. "Not one." He praised Obama as "absolutely totally competent" and someone who took the job "extremely seriously".

During the final days of the Obama presidency, Biden was awarded the Medal of Freedom with Obama calling Biden "the best Vice President America's ever had". For her part, Clinton has blamed former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey, among others, for her defeat.