House speaker says will send health bill to Senate in weeks


It's that it's a little embarrassing that problems would arise from the CBO score, after leaders had insisted that the late amendments were but "narrow", "insignificant" changes.

Senate Majority Leader Jim Denning, an Overland Park Republican, said he wants to raise $300 million for schools over two years with a surcharge on water, electric and natural gas bills. A Senate GOP aide described the holdup on the transfer to me as "S.O.P".

Although there were numerous legislative proposals that threatened Austin at the beginning of the current session of the Texas Legislature, the one that now appears to put Austin's ability to grow and pay for its services in greatest jeopardy is Senate Bill 715, according to Brie Franco, the city's intergovernmental relations officer. But he said Senate Republicans are looking at other ways to deal with the issue than the House's approach.

The AHCA is indescribable in its meanspirited intent to reshape the Affordable Care Act as a giant tax cut for the wealthy and a mechanism to throw at least 24 million Americans back into the ranks of the uninsured, leaving one to wonder how our country's leaders could be celebrating a vote that will cause so much pain and suffering for our citizens.

The CBO's analysis, or "score", is expected to come as soon as Monday, taking into account final changes to the bill before it passed the Republican-led House earlier this month.

Missing the target could mean the bill would be debated and voted on again, in the House. She said they have more than 100 employees in Kansas, but they'd have to cut jobs if this bill becomes law. "The only change that we've made since that CBO score was an USD8 billion dollar amendment".

It's unclear what assumptions the CBO will make about what states will do with that newly created flexibility.

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The most recent agency review of the House bill found that it would reduce federal deficits by $150 billion between 2017 and 2026. "But if it comes down to the end of the session, and we have a tax bill that I did or did not vote for, and we still need money to fund schools appropriately, I can't say I will absolutely never vote for it". "To prove that you meet the reconciliation test". "The committee (that) Republican leadership has convened is going to produce a partisan bill", Collins told the newspaper.

"I had no idea", Dennis Ross of Florida, another member of the vote-counting team, said Thursday, adding that the prospect of another vote "does concern me".

But Democratic Rep. Steny Hoyer says that's what happens when the House votes on a bill "before they knew what was in it". "You don't hide it in a drawer somewhere for two weeks, while you wait for information that you should have had before you passed it". Even so, 20 Republicans still voted against the bill. Ryan dismissed the likelihood that the new CBO score could force another vote in the House.

The House passed an amended version of the AHCA on a 217 to 213 vote in early May - just over a month after Ryan canceled the initial vote due to lagging support.

Indeed, since the bill's passage, lawmakers have faced (or not) angry constituents in their home districts, while polls show Americans overwhelmingly oppose Trumpcare.

The delay on moving the bill forward was "out of an abundance of caution", Ryan said during a radio interview, as the Congressional Budget Office will be releasing its findings on the revised healthcare bill next week.

Led by Governor John Kasich of OH, the governors are using a nine-page proposal they crafted in February as the platform to shape what they think a critical portion of an Obamacare replacement law should look like, according to a half dozen people who helped write the plan.