House of Cards' First Lady 'had to fight for equal pay'


Although the fifth season of House of Cards is slated to drop soon, Robin Wright thinks that the thrilling political Netflix series might pale in comparison to real life. She flat out told Variety that numerous near-daily scandals that are coming out of the real White House these days could be plot points on her show.

House of Cards season 5 arrives on Netflix 30 May. "[I modeled] to make money, so I could stay in Paris, because I was broke", she revealed.

"I was told that I was getting equal pay [to Kevin Spacey] and I believed them, and I found out recently that it's not true".

But Wright has an idea of who she'd like to see calling the shots at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Meanwhile, Wright also opened up about how motherhood affected her acting career and said, "If you don't play the game your notoriety doesn't go up and then people don't want to hire you. She would be a great female president".

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The American star admitted that she wanted to see former FLOTUS Michelle Obama following her husband's footsteps and setting her sights on the White House.

Wright wouldn't speculate on how many more seasons there may be before the show ends its run, but she confessed that she and the fellow show producers, including Spacey, have discussed how to wrap up the intricate storylines, when the time comes. "They said, 'You're never going to be tall enough to sign with Wilhelmina and IMG; you can do bathing suits, beauty, lingerie'".

Actress Robin Wright left a casting audition mortified when she was rejected for having the wrong type of breasts. Speaking about feminism, she added: "The problem is feminism today is such a derogatory and diva-like word (but) feminism means equality, period". Actual wonks say D.C. politics really look a lot more like Veep, HBO's cutting comedy-all bumbling gaffes and pissed-off politicians getting through one embarrassing crisis to the next.

Robin Wright, who stars as First Lady Claire Underwood to Kevin Spacey's dirty and cunning president Frank Underwood, joked about the challenges to come up with a plot for season six in an interview with Variety promoting the show. "I only want to direct".