Facebook, Messenger and Instagram testing cross-app notifications


Facebook announced a new refreshed user interface for its standalone Messenger application that brings about subtle yet important changes in the way the service functions. Have you ever seen that pictures you post on Instagram can also be uploaded on Facebook with just one click? Tapping or swiping to these tabs enables users to navigate quickly to where they want to go within the app. It is hoped that these new features will be useful to all the Facebook Messenger users.

Also, you can now make group payments on Messenger, or benefit from other options of the newly introduced digital assistant.

Facebook has just revealed the new changes that will be added to its Messenger app in the coming days. Last but not least, a new simple visual clue, a red dot, will help users catch up if they've missed anything.

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The feature was reportedly first spotted by social media analyst Mari Smith, and was later confirmed by Facebook. Testers are being shown a little icon with the total number of pending notifications they have in the top right-hand corner of the Facebook app, with the number of unread alerts next to each social media account. That icon displays a sum of the pending notifications from the other apps.

WhatsApp, which was acquired by Facebook in 2014, isn't bundled with the trio's merged notifications yet, but it certainly is possible that the final version of this feature might include that as well. Even though these are different apps, they belong to the same family, the Facebook family.

Facebook explains that the new design is meant to better highlight the many other ways that people connect and communicate, beyond text messages. From there, users can tap to instantly switch between the apps, as long as they have them installed on the device.