What is Amazon Prime Reading? Amazon's new free reading service explained


The e-commerce giant debuted a new formula on Thursday for ranking books sold on its site called Amazon Charts. But the most read chart is different.

Prime Reading gives members access to a library of more than 1,000 digital books, magazines and comics.

Amazon is expanding its Prime Reading service to Prime subscribers in the United Kingdom, the first market since the feature's initial launch in the US last September.

When friends make a book recommendation, they recommend books they are really reading and loving.

Now Amazon Prime members based in the United Kingdom will be able to access thousands of books, magazines, comics and Kindle exclusives - both fiction and non-fiction - from the bookstore at Amazon. Amazon also lists books that have received awards in addition to publishing monthly roundups of what its editors think are the best books.

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Every week, Amazon will publish the top 20 fiction and non-fiction books that are being read (using Kindles and Audible data) as well as the top 20 fiction and non-fiction books that are being sold through its marketplace for Kindle, print, and audio. Amazon also provided me with a "chartography" for the novel, which informed me that it is the most popular book in the state of Maine.

On Android, you'll need to navigate to the store (which is actually just Amazon's web page) and sign in for a second time to see a list of Prime books.

Is it worth having an Amazon Prime account?

Alessio Santarelli, Amazon's EU Kindle Content Director, said: "Prime members will love the range of books now available to them on any device, with everything from psychological thrillers, to business books, the latest travel guides and bestselling fiction".