Uber launches trucking service in US


Many companies have promoted their on-demand logistics apps as the "Uber for freight" over the past couple of years - but now Uber itself has weighed into the market. "What used to take several hours and multiple phone calls can now be achieved with the touch of a button".

Uber also notes that they're addressing another big pain point when it comes to small trucking companies and independent drivers: payment speed.

With the app, they can find dry or refrigerated freight according to parameters like where and when they want to pick it up, where the load is bound, price offered, and other factors.

Uber originally launched as a ride-hailing company but has in recent years diversified its business.

The key to making any kind of self-driving tech more robust is logging lots of miles on the road for systems to learn from, after all, and this can help them in that regard much like Uber's regular consumer vehicle service informs its self-driving pickup plans. The company said that it will vet all truckers who sign up for the service. "Happy drivers means (sic) happy shippers, and ultimately everyone benefits, including the end consumers of the goods".

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Uber added, "Truck drivers are the heart of the American economy [and] take on a great risk to make sure we get the products we need, from the produce in our local supermarket to the clothes at our favorite stores".

Given the number of startups already vying to be the solution, it's not a new idea to revolutionize the trucking industry. Truckers often have to wait long periods of time both to get contracts and to get paid, so streamlining both of those areas is something that could be beneficial to everyone involved. Uber Freight won't be the first of its kind.

Berdinis says Uber Freight is the only one that will put truck drivers first. But unlike the passenger ride-hailing app, which relies largely on drivers unaffiliated with taxi fleets, the commercial trucking app is only available to drivers working for approved carriers.

The Uber Freight is aimed at eliminating the quirks in this pipeline by showing upfront rates for every single payload awaiting the driver's acceptance in the app.