Rompers for men are now a thing


While consistently thought of as a women's garment, a recent popular Kickstarter for a product called the "RompHim" turned that idea on its head, raising almost a quarter of a million dollars in a matter of days. Check out the endless inspiration behind the male romper above and let us know. Rompers and RompHims will leads to some serious shenanigans, I tell you what.

The phrase "male romper" seemingly wasn't masculine enough, so RompHip-coined by the founders of ACED Design (Alex, Chip, Elaine, and Daniel)-was born.

The company says it's meant for "anyone who wants to make a statement" and guarantees that it'll look good on you. Why haven't they texted us back?

Dubbed the "ReeRomp," Reebok's male romper was designed with the active man in mind: It's made from the sportswear brand's signature ACTIVChill material, a lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric that helps keep athletes cool and dry while they're getting their sweat on. They also claim that this "beach-friendly and "summer-ready" articles of unique clothing will start a "revolution" in the fashion world".

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Reebok said Thursday that it will begin selling a men's romper, the ReeRomp by Reebok, for a limited time.

Unlike its counterpart, the RompHim, the athleticwear brand's two ReeRomp styles are more athleisure than bachelor party chic, with elements like a hood, cargo pockets and a half-zip opening. While the style is more commonly worn today by femmes, it's already been adopted by queers for decades, including queer men, much to the straight man's dismay.

Rompers are all the rage this year for many women's summer wardrobes, but men are no longer left out of this must-have trend. Sure, the ACED Design Team might have created shitty pastel ones with bad tailoring and an even more awful name, but men wearing rompers has been a trend since the '60s and '70s-and there are much more flattering ones to choose from.

The RompHim currently is running a Kickstarter campaign, which blew past its $10,000 goal, and is now up to $142,256 pledged.