Penguins knot series with 1-0 Game 2 victory over Senators


Pittsburgh's 1-0 win keeps the team from suffering a 2-0 deficit. If the game plan was to hang on for dear life, the Senators almost performed it to a tee until Kessel played hero. Their coach prefers to slow the game down and their power play has been very bad.

The Penguins, who won 1-0 to even the best-of-7 series at 1-1, held the Senators without a shot on goal for 18:53 bridging the second and third periods. He's not going to change the outcome of a series with a monster hit.

It's not because he selfishly wants to pad his stats or make it about himself.

"Phil's [thought] is that if he's not contributing offensively and the team is not winning the game, the team is being cheated of his abilities".

"I want to push, but the Stanley Cup champion is on the other side there", coach Guy Boucher said. I think he's got great puck skills.

And he's clearly not afraid to express that opinion.

Sullivan was unfazed by Kessel's wild demeanor on the bench. Those who have coached him or played with him nearly expect to see him get heated during the course of a game.

Canada tops Group B with five wins from six games, putting it three points ahead of 2010 victor Czech Republic. That's inhumane. I mean, you can't.

But as Boucher said, the Senators have to know who they are.

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It's just Phil being Phil.

The only danger in such outbursts is if they become too commonplace from the same player (which Kessel's are not) and then the rest of the team has a penchant to tune that player out. It works well. It gets [Kessel] into the game.

It's hilarious that the fans taunt him and root for him to get tased. "That's why he's an elite player".

Sullivan offered no updates on either player.

Obviously, Crosby, Malkin, and Kessel are the engine that drives the Penguins' power play, but Schultz and Hornqvist have carved out distinct roles - that each respectfully excels in - and either player, on an individual level, would be missed. "And you wonder if 1-0 is going to do it for the night".

"There were a number of really high quality chances that we didn't score on", Sullivan said.

As the two conference finals unfold, that big trade in the summer of 2013 will continue to play a major part in the fortunes of both teams involved, four years later. "You don't have any other choice". The Penguins showed how they can rebound after a lackluster Game 1 performance. "We gave the puck away and it gave them momentum in our own zone". They have taken turns rising to the occasion this postseason, which is the main reason why the Penguins have been able to advance this far even while being hamstrung by multiple injuries.

"We've played Pittsburgh a lot of over the course of the years", captain Erik Karlsson said before the game. The difference this time is the Penguins got the puck low and worked their offense from below the goal line when they could. The Penguins weren't the least bit pleased with the way they performed. I think that's how we make progress. "We call it a man's argument". That's the way it is. I think it brings energy to our bench and for me that is a good thing.

Perhaps the story would have been different if Pittsburgh had lost Game 2. But that's not what happened. Kessel fired hard and low by Anderson for his sixth - and certainly most important - goal of the playoffs. Nobody is saying the Senators have to play that way for 60 minutes, but perhaps if they did for 15 minutes, they might not have to win these games 2-1. "Even the best team". "They're used to be five, six guys on each team where you're like, 'That guy can't really move out here.' He's more of a shutdown guy or crash-and-bang (type)".