New Images From 'Wonder Woman' From Her EW Article


"Before she was Wonder Woman, she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained to be an unconquerable warrior". More than 2,000 comic-book shops, libraries and bookstores across the nation will participate in the Saturday extravaganza.

While many are anticipating its arrival, the "Wonder Woman" movie is not the only thing that the avid fans of the superhero character can look forward to as, a day after the release of the movie, DC is holding a "Wonder Woman Day" to celebrate the character.

Ensuring everyone was in tip-top shape for Wonder Woman meant Patty Jenkins established an Amazonian boot camp during the midst of production, and here, the writer-director reflects on the chemistry that ensued while chatting to Empire.

Who is the first costumed villain Wonder Woman ever faced in Sensation Comics #2 (February, 1942)? In 1942, the character was given her own comic book title.

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Counting down to the main event, award-winning digital series DC All Access will host "Wonder Woman Week" programs from May 29 to June 3.

With November 1918 providing the film's alternate landscape, Wonder Woman will fill in the blanks regarding Prince's "walk away from humanity", as mentioned in Batman v Superman. The sky-high pendulum soars at 70 miles per hour and plunges 15 stories; you'll have to be as fearless as the Amazon #superhero herself to conquer this one.

"Wonder Woman" hasn't even come out yet, and we don't yet know if Men's Rights Activists will throw a hissy-fit and cause it to underperform, as they did with last year's all-lady "Ghostbusters".