Melissa McCarthy as Spicer seen riding podium in street


Melissa McCarthy was hosting Saturday Night Live for the fifth time in her career - a coveted milestone only achieved by those most highly thought of by the show's producers.

The actress, who was also this week's host, kicked off a sketch with Spicer in the bushes outside the White House before taking back the lectern from Aidy Bryant's Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

The question first made McCarthy's Spicer go ballistic, ripping a column down and throwing it at the press corps, but then it and other questions about whether Trump was lying to the faux press secretary made Spicer rethink everything. With tensions in the White House seemingly reaching a fever pitch over the last week with President Donald Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey and mumblings of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer hiding in bushes and demanding darkness, the SNL writers certainly had plenty of material with which to work. "How do we know?"

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"Yes", Trump said simply before he embraced Spicer and the pair began to make-out passionately. Because he told us so. Spoiler: The president wasn't even at Trump Tower, and asking any New Yorker of his whereabouts could have easily saved Spicey the grueling trip.

As questions start pouring in on the chances that he may be removed, Spicer sets out on his motorized podium out of the West Wing Briefing Room for New York City to talk with the President. Spicer finds Trump (played by Alec Baldwin) and pleads for his job.

Again, I can't express how impressive it is that the crew of Saturday Night Live gets an entire episode together in just a single week. Spoiler alert: Spicer ends up kissing a certain president.