Immigration Arrests Rise Sharply As ICE Carries Out Trump's Orders


In the three months he has been in office, ICE apprehended 41,318 immigrants, up 37.6 percent over the same period a year ago, according to new figures the agency released on Wednesday.

"These stats reflect President Trump's commitment to enforce our immigration laws fairly and across the board", said acting ICE director Tom Homan.

Emboldened by Trump, immigration authorities have arrested immigrants without criminal records at massive rate.

He said ICE will continue to target people who have been issued a final order of removal by an immigration judge even if they have not committed another crime. In that 100-day period, ICE officers arrested 41,318 undocumented immigrants.

With all the talk of illegal immigrants in our county, one man created an app to alert these families of law enforcement nearby.

A 58-year-old Indian who was detained by American customs officials last week for not possessing necessary immigration documents while entering the country died in custody at an Atlanta hospital.

The ICE statement noted that almost 75 percent of those arrested during this period in 2017 are convicted criminals, with offenses ranging from homicide and assault to sexual abuse and drug-related charges.

Brad Schneider (D-IL) noted that under the language of the proposed law recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) - the Obama-era program now shielding hundreds of thousands of young people brought to the undocumented children from deportation - could be stripped of their protections because they are in the country while knowingly in violation of the law.

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If it's passes, the bill will add 10,000 new agents.

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck believes shielding illegal immigrants from deportation increases the likelihood they'll cooperate with police in catching criminal aliens.

Healey, a vocal critic of President Donald Trump's immigration policies, said "parents should never be afraid to send their children to school, and people should not be afraid to seek medical treatment for themselves or family members".

The report was made public as the Trump administration seeks to promote its accomplishments despite a growing scandal over the firing of the Federal Bureau of Investigation director and the sharing of intelligence with Russian officials.

Nearly 75 percent of those arrests are convicted felons, according to the report, with charges ranging from homicide to drug trafficking, representing a 20 percent increase in arrests since 2016, as The Atlantic continues.

The Democrats described the bill as draconian during the hearing, and one Democrat, Washington Rep. Pramila Jayapal, went as far as to compare current immigration law to slavery.

"When a federal judge makes a decision and issues an order".