BC minority could have major implications for Alberta


Although Weaver stressed he was willing to work with both the NDP and Liberals the day after the election, and even stressed his party's greater alignment with the NDP, Moscrop believes there's a good chance Weaver will choose to support the Liberals as they try to form government.

Christy Clark told reporters on Tuesday that she'd met with the lieutenant-governor and been asked to continue on as Wednesday, and that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had called to congratulate her.

"I do intend to work across party lines... whether it's a majority or a minority government that I lead", she said.

"British Columbians did tell us they want us to do things differently".

There are more than 176,000 absentee ballots still to be tallied in the final count later this month, and it's possible a number of close ridings could change hands.

The NDP won one riding by only nine votes, making a recount a certainty that will determine the difference between a minority and an ultra-thin majority if it were to flip to the Liberals. The NDP garnered 41 seats, and the Greens finished with three seats, leaving Weaver to determine whether to side with the Liberals or the New Democrats in a minority government situation.

Also included in the prospective premier's speech were plenty of shots at incumbent premier Christy Clark and the B.C. Liberals.

The BC NDP claimed 60 seats in the mock election while the Green Party claimed 14 and the BC Liberal Party held 12. "We have so much potential for renewable energy in British Columbia", said Adam Olsen, a Green elected in Saanich North on Vancouver Island.

Conversely, the NDP teaming up with the Greens would give them a fragile minority government.

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The Student Vote program for the 2017 British Columbia provincial election was coordinated in partnership with Elections BC. Forty-four seats are needed for a majority.

Campaign manager Aldous Perl added, "We ran a really positive campaign ..."

"In his short time he's been leader, he has transformed the image of the Green Party and we'll have to see whether the first-past-the-post puts a brake on whatever momentum he may have got from that", Prof.

And one of Robertson's communications staff served in a senior role with the NDP campaign.

It has been four years since Clark promised the province a potentially trillion dollar LNG industry.

The results are in as students across B.C. cast their votes in the provincial election on Tuesday.

Depending on the outcome, British Columbians may be in for a new NDP government that would aim to block the Kinder Morgan pipeline twinning, and potentially unravel BC Liberal megaprojects like the Site C dam and Massey Bridge, while raising taxes on the wealthy and providing new subsidies for child care and to aid renters.

Clark and Weaver do have a history of positive dialogue, so her unwillingness to publicly beg for Green support might trace back to those ties.

While the party appears to have been damaged by a string of scandals including cash-for-access fundraising and the botched health ministry firings, at the end of the day the Liberals' message of job creation and image as the party best suited to manage the province's economy look to have won the day.