While Comey memo could be key, any Trump prosecution tricky


A growing number of House Republicans are breaking with President Donald Trump and calling for an independent investigation into the alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation. The statement describes The New York Times account as "not a truthful or accurate portrayal of the conversation between the president on Mr. Comey".

Trump himself hasn't directly addressed the latest allegations that he pressured Comey to drop the Flynn investigation.

Momentum for independent action is growing rapidly in Congress, though usually in Republican-held districts that Democrat Hillary Clinton won previous year.

As I watched the news Tuesday night and Wednesday morning on multiple media outlets, I wondered if this incident would be the last straw for any Trump supporters. It was impossible to get an actual count, but the growing concern was evident throughout the Capitol.

Another reporter asked if Amash trusted Comey's word over Trump's, to which Amash replied: "I think it's pretty clear I have more confidence in Director Comey".

As of Wednesday, no other Republican member of Congress has floated the idea of impeachment.

Rep. Bill Huizenga, R-Zeeland, said Congress must focus on finding the facts.

Around the time of Flynn's call with McGahn, the FBI began investigating Flynn on a separate matter: phone conversations he had in late December with Sergey I. Kislyak, Russia's ambassador to the United States. The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, seems to be among them.

Flynn told President Donald Trump's transition team weeks before the inauguration that he was under federal investigation for secretly working as a paid lobbyist for Turkey during the campaign, according to two people familiar with the case. Clinton beat Trump in both their districts and they are top targets for in next year's midterm election.

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Some Republicans have begun siding with the many Democrats who are demanding an independent investigation to get to the bottom of a series of issues, including the Trump team's possible connections with Moscow. The lawyer, William McGinley, was seeking more information about the nature of the group's foreign work and wanted to know whether Flynn had been paid for the op-ed.

Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski wrote on Twitter that "the American people deserve to know the truth".

Bryan Caforio who is running against Knight, sent out a fundraising email for his campaign saying "chip in now to demand a special prosecutor".

Amash reiterated that he thinks Congress needs to establish an independent commission to investigate Russia's interference in the 2016 US election and has signed onto Democratic-sponsored legislation that would do just that. Democrats just don't have much say over the matter.

Chaffetz and Cummings appeared together in April to announce that they believed Flynn likely broke a federal law by failing to obtain US government approval to accept foreign payments and failing to disclose them afterward. There have been rapid-fire claims, accusations and insinuations about what happened, but what we really need now are some hard facts.

But the fate of its investigation hinges on Ryan's lukewarm support and the sometimes fractious working relationship between its Republican and Democratic leaders.

The New York Times reported Tuesday that President Donald Trump asked former FBI director James Comey to "let go" of the investigation into former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn, and since then, opposition lawmakers have been lining up to accuse Trump of obstructing justice. McClintock said he wants to see the memo and hear from Comey before passing judgment.

"The allegations arise out of a conversation that is said to have occurred on February 14". And some prominent lawyers urge caution in jumping to conclusions, noting that obstruction of justice is not easy to prove.

Trump's daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner, also a property developer who has become a trusted aid to his father-in-law, have maintained extensive business interests.