WhatsApp once again suffers global outage on Wednesday


Things got insane on Wednesday as users were unable to send messages on Whatsapp.

Issues with the Facebook-owned app, which is used by 1 billion people worldwide, included sending and receiving messages and logging in, the Independent reported. Recently, WhatsApp rolled out SnapChat like face filter update that received a lot of criticism from leading tech websites citing the new update as "copying the last big feature of SnapChat Stories".

According to a website tracker, Down Detector, numerous people from Malaysia and Spain reported trouble with the app during late evening hours on Wednesday.

Users vented their fury after being unable to send or receive messages on the app.

Most of the WhatsApp customers took to the Twitter writing that they are thinking of migration from its services. The outage affected people who use the service on iOS, Android as well as Windows mobile OS.

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Users of the competing messaging service Telegram rejoiced.

According to their report, 55 per cent of the users reported connection issues as the problem.

Different set of users wrote their issues with WhatsApp over social media sites.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp doesn't maintain a status page to alert users when it's facing an outage. In addition, users from Britain, Belgium, besides the Netherlands too have come up with the malfunctioning.

One Twitter user complained: "WhatsApp is always down at the most inconvenient times".