What Will Fall's Windows 10 Update Bring?


Microsoft has added new services to its Cognitive Services portfolio with the addition of Bing Custom Search, Custom Vision Service, Custom Decision Service, and Video Indexer.

In the interim, it is a good time for IT Pros and System Admins to take a closer look at changes that are in this release to gain greater familiarity with those enhancements.

Earlier last week at the Build 2017 developer conference, Microsoft announced that it was bulking up the Windows Store to make it more robust for Windows 10 (S) users. Ahead of the update's release, Microsoft is offering developers the chance to pre-order the Windows Mixed Reality Headset Developer Edition, to be delivered this summer, from either Acer ($299) or HP ($329).

By the way, if you are staying up to date with the latest Microsoft patches, your users and systems were already protected from the WannaCry malware that is out there this week.

Built on.NET and distributed through the Windows Store as a Universal Windows Application, Windows Story Remix uses AI and deep learning to organise and transform photos and videos into stories.

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With the new Swiftkey acquisition, Windows users will be able to copy on PC and paste it on the smartphone. Autodesk SketchBook, the de facto application for painting and drawing, was built from the ground up as a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app leveraging the pen and touch capability of Windows 10. But, we aren't seeing the desktop app at the instant and the link for the app also suggests that it is "currently unavailable" on the Windows Store. Developers can use the IDE to build Web-based applications using ASP.NET Core and front-end languages like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript; leverage.NET APIs covering 100 percent "of the APIs for Android, iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and macOS development"; build games using Unity; and more. But, the appearance of the listing means that it could soon make an official debut on Windows Store in the coming months.

The Windows 10 Creators Update, which was shipped in April, is slowly rolling out to consumers via Windows Update.

The iTunes app will get iPhone support with users getting the same iTunes experience. Microsoft also announced they are working with SUSE Linux and Fedora Linux running on the Windows Subsystem for Linux - to bring them to the Windows Store.

In a nutshell, this tells Microsoft how quickly you want to get unfinished builds on your machine. Due to wide interest from the community, developers in the U.S. and Canada can pre-order an Acer ($299) or HP ($329) Windows Mixed Reality Headset Developer Edition starting today from the Microsoft Store for delivery later this summer, the statement said.

Microsoft does not have any specific requirements for those looking to join its Windows Insider scheme. The motion controllers offer precise and responsive tracking of movement in your field of view using the sensors in a Windows Mixed Reality headset. During the holiday shopping season, Acer also plans to sell a $399 bundle that includes a Windows Mixed Reality Headset and motion controllers from Microsoft.