Tornadoes in Wisconsin, Oklahoma leave 2 dead


The worst of the damage is around The Prairie Lakes Estates Trailer Park.

All residents of the mobile home park have been accounted for. The tornado struck the Prairie Lake Estates mobile home park Tuesday night, destroying 50 to 60 trailers. He said her sister also had her 2-month-old grandson, Nolan, in the home when the storm hit, and they had nowhere to go but the bathtub. The high winds during a tornado can rip a mobile home, which frequently would not have a foundation, from its moorings.

Danny Ringer, spokesman for the city between Oklahoma City and Amarillo, Texas, said there were multiple injuries, but he didn't give a specific number.

The National Weather Service has received scattered reports of tornadoes among the severe thunderstorms rumbling Tuesday afternoon over the Texas Panhandle and western Oklahoma, downing power lines and toppling utility poles but having little other effect. The governors of Wisconsin and Oklahoma toured the destruction in their states Wednesday, and residents were allowed to sift through the wreckage.

Another person died when a twister touched down in a housing subdivision at the edge of Elk City, Okla., about 110 miles west of Oklahoma City. Most of his roof is intact, and he lost mainly windows.

Mary Fallin said in a statement. "Again, because we're just not used to that kind of thing", he said. "I was one of those people who thought, 'Ah, it won't happen to me.' But never again".

At least one baby was injured, he said. Cattle have been killed, but he says he has no immediate reports of human injuries.

Pritchard said there was a report of a tornado in Rusk County. Fitzgerald said 17 people were transported from the scene to area hospitals, while another five to 10 had minor injuries and declined treatment.

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"It was just chaos".

Emergency crews have marked every trailer that has been searched, and now, they're going back again stopping, listening and then physically lifting the debris and searching for anyone who might be trapped.

At least one person has been killed by a tornado that roared through a portion of a western Oklahoma town. And he said, to his knowledge, no injures have been reported outside of the trailer park area.

In eastern Nebraska, winds damaged homes, farms and businesses and left thousands of people without electricity. Gusts of 85mph (135kph) were recorded at the weather service's office in Valley, west of Omaha.

Emergency management officials in Grant County reported a gust that hit 68 miles per hour in Cuba City, and wind felled tree branches in the Hazel Green area and debris was blowing across the highway in Ellenboro. Fire officials say at least one person died and that dozens of homes have been destroyed or severely damaged. The area stretches from the Texas Panhandle through Oklahoma, western Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa into Minnesota and Wisconsin.

More severe weather is expected in parts of the Midwest a day after tornadoes killed two people and destroyed dozens of homes in Oklahoma and Wisconsin.

The region could be in for more potentially damaging storms.