Google Rolling Out Arsenal of Services, Gadgets


Google's vice president of engineering for Android Dave Burke confirmed on stage at I/O 2017 today that Google Assistant is going to be released for Android TV later this year. With Android Go, users can have affordable devices with a stripped version of Android running scaled down apps from a scaled down version of the PlayStore.

At its annual Google I/O conference, Google announced that developers can add transactions to its Assistant digital helper.

Given that the initiative is based on Android O itself, therefore it's likely that we will see first Android Go devices later on this year.

Speaking of apps, the Playbook app lets you set your objectives and provides a tailored list of the latest articles and videos from Google experts and across the Web.

Google's digital assistant is hoping to outsmart Siri on Apple's iPhone. According to Google it is. You will also be able to connect various devices and control them with Assistant. Google is adding a way to type questions with a new keyboard option on all its apps. Google Home is also getting a change in that will now have proactive notifications, initiating the conversation based on what it believes might be useful at the time. Google detailed how it is focussing on the improving user experience in Android O through features like Vitals and Fluid Experience. It's currently on 100 million devices and now it's taking the fight to Apple's home turf.

Some of these updates include Google Lens, a platform that will use AI to bring augmented reality (AR) and advanced image recognition capabilities to over two billion Android devices, updates to the way Google Photos organises and shares images, Smart Replies in Gmail, updates to Google Home and a lot more besides.

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"There are more Android users in India than the USA now", Samat said. We are about to see Portuguese, Japanese, French, German, and Brazilian come to the Assistant. The unique features allow the user to be more contextual and chat friendly.

There are just so many little things that Google is doing with Android O, that there is significant hope of a slicker smartphone usage experience when O lands on Pixel phones first and then on others.

The Assistant's role in Google Home is also beefing beefed up, with the ability to make calls through voice commands, with the Assistant intelligently working out who to cal through conversational commands and, if required, it will identify a person voice and make it so that the call comes from their personal number.

If you would like to try out this feature on your iOS device, you should be checking Apple's App Store today because at some point today it will be released.

Jobs will available initially in the U.S. before rolling out to the world later sometime.