Google Improves Photos App with Better Ways to Share


For example, if you have a few photos from a camping trip with your buddy Ennis, Google Photos will recommend you share those photos with him. One of the applications was for Photos, allowing obstructions to be removed from photos.

Google has announced a cool new camera trick that automatically removes unwanted objects from photos.

Up next is Shared Libraries that makes it easier to automatically share relevant photos with friends and family. Suggested Sharing hopes to change that. At present, this service is limited to the U.S., but Google says it will launch this in more countries soon. They continue to receive whatever photos, and you may wish you hadn't sent those or they may not wish to receive them.

Maybe that person's name is included in a group of names, you miss that it's there or mistake it for another name, act quickly, and hit send. Pre-made albums are available as well. Else, you can continue to be lethargic and simply skip this process. So if you have some great photos of your kids from your last vacation, it will suggest you share them with your spouse, and it takes just one tap.

This is another feature which builds upon the same concept - eliminate the photo begging process. This is where the artificial intelligence bit will come into the picture (quite literally), and will automatically add the concerned photo to the shared library.

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With all the people who will be now sharing photos with you, Google also wanted to provide you with a new way to store them too. Even better is to have them bound in a book that will always sit on your shelf so you can share it with your friends and family years down the road. You get a notification on your phone, or you can access the new sharing tab in the mobile Photos app to see the suggestions.

All the aforementioned features (except Google Lens) are available for both Android and iOS starting today. From there, they can be downloaded to the other person's device or added to Shared Libraries, another new feature in Google Photos. They also plan to bring this to other countries soon.

Google also will now let its Photos users create physical photo books from their photos in the app. And voila, you're done.

These features are rolling out on Android and iOS as well as the web over the coming weeks. If you have forgotten that Google exists to collate your entire life, then Google pointedly reminded you today with some new features for Google Photos. Often I tell someone I'll be sure to send them a copy, only to forget to actually send them on.