Adviser responds to claim Conway's in it 'for the money'


Mika Brzezinski claimed that Conway would privately complain about Trump after her TV appearances when she was his campaign manager.

"Morning Joe" hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough. They even claimed that Conway once said she needed "a shower" after standing up for Trump when the microphones were off during the campaign, something they provided no proof to back up.

After months of shilling for Trump, as a candidate and as the president, Conway certainly appears comfortable in that role, never showing anything but full support and admiration for the man she supposedly dislikes so much.

Scarborough said suggested she was only in it for the money.

In that spirit, here is a supercut of Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway responding to Trump's campaign with the accurate, correct response. What I think is really happening here, is that Joe Scarborough knows that he can say something about Kellyanne Conway and the press is going to pick it up. "I would do it again".

It was during a broadcast on Monday that Brzenzinski said she heard Conway denounce President Trump in private, sometimes just minutes after promoting him on their show. "Three-quarters of likely voters, she pointed out, wanted more enforcement of current immigration laws".

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Honestly, that sentiment might be more damning than Scarborough and Brzezinski's claim that she's a cynical, dead-eyed mercenary.

While Conway called the suggestion that she managed Trump's campaign for monetary gain "absurd", she did not specifically deny making the other comments alleged by the hosts.

"And also said", added Scarborough, "'This is just like my summer in Europe'".

Considering the fact that Trump was hardly her first choice and shared no love with Cruz, it's no surprise Conway would grouse about Trump behind the scenes.

Conway is "just doing this for the money", continued Brzezinski, and was determined to "get through this". This, of course, happened prior to the hosts banning Conway for her lies earlier this year (following Conway's tragic invention of the Bowling Green Massacre).

President Donald Trump's move to share highly classified information with Russian Federation didn't necessarily break the law, but that doesn't make it any less problematic. "I'm here to speak for the president of the United States and our government". That does not pass the smell test.