World renowned sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik seeks justice for Kulbhushan Jadhav


Salve told the court that Jadhav a former Indian Navy personnel-turned-businessman, was kidnapped from Iran in 2016, brought to Pakistan, presented as an alleged Indian spy and the so-called confession was extracted in military custody.

Speaking after the hearing, Salve expressed his hope that "justice" in the form of provisional measures would be delivered following the hearings, and that India was "here in the hope" that it would lead to annulment of the death sentence. India was denied consular access to Jadhav, in the first of several such rebuffs.

"We have sent our recommendations to the Prime Minister's Office and the Foreign Office", Attorney General Ashtar Ausaf told Dawn on Friday.

The ICJ also denied permission to Pakistan to play a purported “confessional” video of Jadhav at the public hearing here.

Rebutting India's case, he asserted that this forum is not a criminal court of appeal nor does it exercise criminal jurisdiction.

India had not been given the copy of the charges filed against Jadhav, Salve said.

Pakistani officials have said that Jadhav has the right to appeal to a military appeals court or petition the army chief for mercy.

After deliberation, Pakistan had decided last week to forcefully pursue the Jadhav case at the ICJ.

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Khwara Qureshi: Jadhav was arrested from Balochistan province.

Qureshi said the issue of consular access to Jadhav was not considered as he was accused of spying and it was not considered to be applied on terrorists.

He said the Indian spy was sentenced to death after fulfilling all necessary legal procedures and he was also given counsel to defend allegations against him.

India had termed the death sentence awarded to Jadhav "an act of premeditated murder", while maintaining that Jadhav was a retired officer of the Indian Navy. He described as "facetious" a May 12 communication from Pakistan that had outlined the legal avenues open to Jadhav. noting that it had failed to provide an assurance that the sentence would not be carried out. "We believe India and Pakistan stand to benefit from practical cooperation", a State Department spokesperson said.

According to details, the Pakistani lawyer presented his argument and said that India had stayed silent on the matter of Kulbhushan's Indian passport and had not given an explanation regarding it.

The ICJ was last a battleground for India and Pakistan almost 18 years ago when Islamabad sought its intervention over the shooting down of its naval aircraft. Earlier in 1971, India had moved the Hague-based world court when it questioned the International Civil Aviation Organisation's powers to decide Pakistan's complaint about New Delhi denying its airlines from flying over India.

Not just had all requests for consular access fallen on "deaf ears", the trial was conducted without providing Jadhav his rights.

Dr Faisal said that spies do not have any right of counselor access and India did not produce evidence provided by Pakistan against Yadav in the worldwide court.