PWR BTTM dropped by label Polyvinyl following sexual assault claims


PWR BTTM have been dropped by their management and their record labels in the U.S. and United Kingdom, after sexual assault allegations against the duo's Ben Hopkins emerged last week.

The allegations against Hopkins surfaced after being posted to a private Facebook group called DIY Chicago, posted by a user named Kitty Cordero-Kolin.

An anonymous woman also spoke with Jezebel and alleged that Hopkins, "made sexually aggressive advances and started having sex with her without permission while also refusing to wear protection".

In the days since the allegations emerged, two of PWR BTTM's touring members have quit the band, two support acts have dropped out of their forthcoming tour, their management has dropped them from its roster, and several festivals have removed them from lineups.

While the future of PWR BTTM's tour wasn't immediately clear, the band's album release show tonight in NY has been canceled. We're working to have news for you soon regarding the acts that were supporting PWR BTTM's tour (Tancred and Nnamdi Ogbonnaya).

The duo has begun canceling scheduled shows, including its D.C. date at the Black Cat on June 16, with rumors swirling the tour may get canceled altogether. "In light of the recent allegations against Ben Hopkins of PWR BTTM, we've chosen to cancel our June 8th show with them", the venue wrote on Facebook.

While the band responded to the claims on Facebook calling them "shocking" and that they will be taken "very seriously", the fallout has been widespread. They then invited anyone with allegations against Hopkins to contact the band through a newly set up email address - adding that they were seeking a mediator to have sole access to this account.

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"There are people who have violated others" consent and do not know. The accusations were made against frontman Ben Hopkins which claimed he was a "known sexual predator" and that he made sexual contact without consent. "We do not take these kind of allegations lightly and our thoughts are with victims and survivors of abuse who have been affected by this". Further, the alleged behaviour is not representative of who Ben is and the manner in which they try to conduct themselves'.

Some have criticized PWR BTTM for asking people making allegations against them to use an email the band established to have their voices heard.

Meanwhile, ascendant Chicago artist Ogbonnaya has made a decision to take himself off PWR BTTM's tour itinerary.

Shortly after, Father/Daughter Records, the label that released Ugly Cherries, announced that they too would cease to sell PWR BTTM's music. Hopkins will not have access to the account, as it will be exclusively helmed by a mediator.

The label said that they will offer refunds to anyone who bought products from the band and that they will be donating money to charities tackling sexual violence and LGBTQ violence. "There should have been a commitment to change and accountability made at that time, even if it wasn't public, and while the past can't be changed, the band needs to address this in the present".

"I was trying to be OK with whatever was going on". "Their response to me was, I don't think Ben knows what they did, maybe you should reach out to them", she said.