JME Spent Time With Jeremy Corbyn To Encourage Young People To Vote


"When I was at university and not doing casual work I watched as many programmes about politics as I could".

Mr Corbyn told the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) conference in Liverpool that he understood the anger of nurses who made clear in a poll this weekend they are ready to stage a summer of protests across the United Kingdom over pay.

"You can't trust the Tories with our NHS".

The Labour leader stood by Andrew Murray after HuffPost UK revealed that he had been seconded from the Unite union to coordinate the party leadership's final run-in to polling day on June 8.

Labour's Clive Lewis has denied his support for a cross-party alliance is an act of defiance against leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Black and ethnic minority voters say the Conservative party is only for "rich, white people", according to a London-based focus group from QMUL's Mile End Institute, HuffPost UK, and Edelman. Waiting lists are soaring and, and as we saw last week, Tory cuts have exposed patient services to cyber attack'.

The Labour manifesto goes on to remind readers of the party's history with LGBTI issues: 'Labour has a proud record championing the fight for GBLT equality.

"We can not accept the continued humanitarian crisis in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and we will support Palestinian recognition at the UN".

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Funding for Labour's New Deal For NHS Patients will be met from tax rises for the top 5% of earners, with additional money from increases to corporation tax and a higher-rate insurance premium tax on private medical insurance. The report showed the Department of Health had transferred £950mln of its £4.6bn capital projects budget to meet day-to-day revenue costs. With the voter registration of May 22 looming, JME has stressed the importance of voting to his 700,000 Twitter followers. That's my call to Labour and the Liberal Democrats, pick a side.

The Lib Dems said the law, passed in November, was a "full-frontal assault" on civil liberties.

Ending his plea for a cross-party alliance to prevent a Conservative landslide, he said: "The future is not inevitable".

In an interview for the Tonight programme on ITV, he said: "I'm not going to put any figures on it [immigration], Theresa May has done that [and] this is now the third general election she's promised figures, none of which she's come anywhere near to achieving".

Theresa May has vowed to extend workers' rights if the Conservatives win next month's general election.

"The Tories (the Conservatives) have spent the last seven years prioritizing the few, opposing Labour's proposals to give workers more rights and overseeing wage stagnation which has left people worse off", Gwynne said.

The package includes measures to protect workers' pensions in the wake of the BHS scandal and a guarantee European Union rights will be protected in the Brexit process.