Jeter's No 2 retired by Yanks; Monument Park plaque unveiled


He is the 22 Yankee to have his number retired. Jeter asked rhetorically after the ceremony. Little did he realize then what kind of journey he would soon find himself on, with the final destination set for immortality in Monument Park.

The spot features people around New York City "retiring" number 2s in various ways.

"We were laughing because when Bernie had his, he had the big mole", Jeter said, revealing some of the locker room subterfuge his former manager Joe Torre had only just earlier insisted was one of Jeter's best kept secrets from Yankee life. You dont come up requesting numbers when youre 20 years old, so I took what they gave me.”. Before the ceremony, special guest after special guest had gushed about how calm Jeter always was in the biggest games, in the toughest spots, on the largest stages in sports.

Jeter didnt have No. 2 in his mind before reaching the Yankees. "I'm excited, but at the same time, I'm nervous", Jeter said, according to E! I chose Mother's Day and the first thing my dad said was, 'What are we going to do on Father's Day?' But my mom especially has been very supportive ever since I was younger, but not just playing baseball. "When we were in it, we never looked back on anything that we accomplished".

“Everything happened so quickly, ” Jeter said. It was Derek Jeter's.

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No matter who was carrying the load on any given night, only one singular voice pierced through to lead those Yankees teams. She was raised on Long Island in East Islip, rooted for the Yankees and named the family's dog, a Labrador Retriever, after Jeter. "I'm learning that. She didn't tell me that part", Jeter also joked to Fallon. "I tried to set the tone for the rest of the guys and I tried to do it in a professional manner".

Introduced by a recording of late Yankee Stadium public address announcer Bob Sheppard — it was played before Jeters at-bats following Sheppards death in 2010 — Jeter wore a blue three-piece peak-lapel suit, white collared shirt and no tie.

While his jersey marked him as No. 2, it's safe to say that many Yankees fans will regard Jeter as their No. 1 favorite for years to come.

OK, they played 2 because of a Saturday rainout, but it wouldn't shock me if someone, somewhere argued that it was Mother Nature's way of showing RE2PECT for the Captain.