Hostages freed from mosque in Central African Republic


This is not the first time peacekeepers have been targeted in the Central African Republic.

MINUSCA vigorously condemns this senseless violence against its camp, and most importantly, against the civilian population in Bangassou, a city which has been spared from inter-communal attacks, even at the worst moments of the crisis in the Central African Republic.

The assailants attacked civilian populations overnight on Friday and Saturday in the Tokyo neighbourhood of Bangassou, in south-eastern auto, according to MINUSCA.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said on Sunday he was "outraged" by the attacks on the 13,000-strong mission.

MINUSCA also said there were reports of civilians killed.

MINUSCA is sending reinforcements to Bangassou to secure the town and protect civilians.

Aid workers say that militias seem to be exploiting security voids after Ugandan and French soldiers left in the past few months when their missions ended.

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Early Saturday, another Moroccan soldier died in a similar attack on the base and a nearby Muslim-dominated area. However credible sources have confirmed an undetermined number of civilian casualties.

He stressed the AU's willingness to cooperate with the region, the United Nations and other worldwide actors that help the auto to overcome the challenges posed by the ongoing civil war. The attack also claimed the lives of several civilians.

The attack came just hours after the United Nations held a memorial ceremony to honour five peacekeepers killed on May 8, in a nearby village of Yogofongo.

The attack led to the death and injury of 12 Moroccan and Cambodian peacekeepers.

Auto is one of the poorest countries in the world.

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