Apple Releases iOS 10.3.2 Update


But after you apply any of these updates, your Apple device should behave better - be that an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, Apple TV, or Mac.

The LG Stylo 2 Plus isn't the only T-Mobile device receiving a software update this week. A final (or close to final) touch-up of iOS 10 before iOS 11 takes reigniOS 10.3.2 is an update meant to fix bugs while improving performance and security features.

Patches are available through the usual automatic update channels.

Once iOS 10.3.2 is shown as an available update, tap "Download and Install" and follow the on-screen instructions.

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Once again, due to the critical nature of some of these vulnerabilities, it is strongly advised that you upgrade any affected Apple devices and operating systems as soon as possible. Remember that the Apple Watch must be on its charger, charged to at least 50 percent, and within range of your iPhone, which itself must be on Wi-Fi.

Among the fixes is one involving audio, where audio previously might stutter when played through USB headphones (remember, Apple got rid of the dedicated headphone port). TMO staff are installing the update even now.

The software also includes several security updates. You won't see any new functionality added, but given that each of the five (or so) beta versions Apple released prior to the official launch contained thorough lists with fixed bugs and issues.

A separate flaw in iBooks for macOS desktops and notebooks could allow an application to escape its secure sandbox, a technology used to prevent data loss or theft in the case of an app compromise.