One month to celebrate a lifetime of love


To all the children of mothers, which is everyone, try to make Mother's Day 2017 the best you can for the woman who made it possible for you to be alive in the world. It is Mother's Day. It is that day of the year when mothers are supposed to be pampered and acknowledged for their presence in our lives. Little ones could give her a coupon book filled with things like a free foot massage, take out the trash or a free hug and kiss, all things that any mom I know would appreciate. While everyone else is enjoying time with the person they love and creating new memories, I rely on those 15 years of memories I had with her.

It tears me apart to tell people to celebrate Mothers Day with their moms when I didn't really think it was special and that it's a commercially-fueled trap to get us to spend more than the usual every second Sunday of May.

As many moms and daughters do, we shared clothes and makeup and shoes. How dare she not make you breakfast, you are the REASON she can even celebrate Mother's Day. Anna Maria donated 500 white carnations for all those who attended.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers across our great county.

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She loves who you are. They were likely afraid to go home. A mom's number-one priority is knowing the people she loves are safe, sound and healthy. Someone once told me that "it never goes away, it never gets easier, it only gets softer".

As we helped the children make Mother's Day gifts this past week, I thought about Mother's Day in the past. Some shower her with gifts, take her out to a fancy lunch or dinner or make her a card, but, what most mothers really want, is to be surrounded by the love of her family. Most times, I would lie there, waiting patiently until they arrived, and then pretend to be asleep, listening to them all in the kitchen.

Moms teach us responsibility and to stand up for what we believe - until they warn us to be quiet. And while we all manage our grief differently and are perhaps at different stages of grief, we all share the common denominator that we have lost our mothers and it hurts. Savage responded. "I love homemade cards".

Sometimes you need to thank God for what didn't happen. It's hard being a broke college student because while you're mother deserves the world all you can afford is a candle and some flowers. "You have to give me a minute", she uttered. Trust me, they haven't forgotten that their children died, that their mothers are buried.