Trump to meet with Italian prime minister


But though Trump defined the U.S. and Italy as "vital allies", particularly when it came to fighting terror, he appeared to disagree with Gentiloni on the role of the United States in stabilizing Libya. "We have a role everywhere" with reference to the numerous USA military engagements around the world.

However, reporters following the news conference said Trump had not been listening to the simultaneous translation when Gentiloni had made his remark and an official close to the Italian prime minister said the meeting had gone well.

Trump said that he does however, see a role in fighting ISIS, something in which he said the being "very effective". By standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the Gentiloni in the Oval Office or at a press conference and stating that the only solution to Libya runs through the United Nations -facilitated political process, Trump could make a statement that would help deter Haftar's much-discussed military campaign against Tripoli.

Trump noted Italy's military contributions to the fight against ISIS and the war in Afghanistan and said the two countries could partner to address "large-scale migration and global smuggling".

As of Trump's comments, French authorities had not concluded whether the attack in Paris was terrorism-related.

"The Italy-US partnership is not only an opportunity but a duty", he said, adding that "now is the time for the U.S. and Italy to work together to stabilise the situation in Libya". Italy has suffered sluggish economic growth and was a staunch backer of a proposed U.S.

The attacks prompted the Trump administration to launch missile strikes on a Syrian airfield in retaliation for Assad's use of chemical weapons against civilians, something that Trump said "crossed a lot of lines".

"And it's also, in my opinion - in my very strong opinion, important for the United States".

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Trump will travel to Europe next month for the first time since taking office for a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation meeting in Brussels, followed by the G-7 meeting in Italy.

Speaking in Italian, Prime Minister Gentiloni says his country has already begun to correct the problem, but cautions it will be a process.

Trump plans to attend a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation meeting in Belgium next month before the Group of Seven gathering in Italy. But it looks like another terrorist attack.

Trump also asserted he had been talking trade with China.

Politico reported Thursday morning that an emerging deal proposes giving states more flexibility to opt out of major Obamacare provisions while preserving protections like the ban on discriminating against people with preexisting conditions.

Like Mr. Trump, Gentiloni is also new to his office, taking the post in December.

The president was asked if the US should play a roll in Libya and he said no. "Again, it's happening it seems", Trump said, adding that he saw reports of it when he was first walking in. Yet he pointedly stopped sort of telegraphing whether or not the USA would stay in.