Trump's Latest U-Turn: Renewing The Iran Nuclear Deal


The Trump administration's inter-agency review of policy towards Iran will examine whether the lifting of sanctions against Tehran is in the US national security interests.

Moreover, while stating about the failure of the nuclear deal, the Trump administration is pushing Iran to ban any IAEA inspections, which today are the only instrument for monitoring the nuclear program. Trump's administration has launched a 90-day review of the agreement with Iran to determine whether the United States will continue to abide by it.

During his presidential campaign, Trump called the agreement "the worst deal ever negotiated" and said he would review it once he reached office.

He said that the nuclear deal is another example of the "failed approach" that has resulted in the current North Korea threat.

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis matched Tillerson's tough words while on a visit to Saudi Arabia this week, pledging that the USA would "reinforce Saudi Arabia's resistance to Iran's mischief".

"This deal represents the same failed approach of the past", Tillerson said on Wednesday at a hastily arranged news conference in Washington. He said: "The militia they maintain, Lebanese Hezbollah that they support in Lebanon, that militia is contributing thousands of fighters, and of course Iran's got its own military inside Syria continuing to hold [President Bashar] Assad in power". But the USA must decide next month whether to renew a waiver so that Iran can continue receiving sanctions relief.

She said the review was a fig leaf to cover a decision by the Trump administration to abide by the Iran accord, if grudgingly.

Trump's Latest U-Turn: Renewing The Iran Nuclear Deal
Trump's Latest U-Turn: Renewing The Iran Nuclear Deal

"Iran remains a leading state sponsor of terror, through many platforms and methods", Tillerson wrote. But the agreement only lifted secondary sanctions and numerous USA sanctions remain in place, making it hard for companies to navigate investing in Iran without cutting off their ties to the US marketplace, which is significantly larger.

International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde says she believes the IMF can work successfully with the Trump administration to improve the global trading system, but adds that open trade must be preserved as a growth engine.

As for the growing tension with North Korea, the country's latest missile test turned the full attention of the United States toward them. Iran wants the nuclear deal.

In his tweet, Zarif also addressed Tillerson's terrorism charge: "Worn-out USA accusations can't mask its admission of Iran's compliance w/ JCPOA".

It was a signature foreign policy achievement for previous US President Barack Obama, but Trump has vehemently criticized the deal, without definitively saying that the US would unilaterally walk away from it.

He has ordered a 90-day review of whether to abandon it - a move that would be strongly opposed by the other signatories to the deal: Britain, China, France, Germany and Russian Federation.

However, hardliners in Iran believe that the bluffing, because it would be risking a diplomatic crisis with the five other signatories, Britain, China, France, Germany and Russian Federation.

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