Trump to meet Italian premier ahead of G-7 meeting in Italy


Trump for his part payed homage to Italy, its key role in combating terrorism and as a major trade partner.

"Our condolences from our country to the people of France", Trump said at a news conference alongside Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni.

"I think we'll get both", he said.

Gentiloni said that we need to "mitigate the storm" of the Mediterranean migrant emergency, a "sea that has played a crucial role in human history and which continues to have an important influence on humanity, but which has been associated with chaos and fragmentation in the last few years".

"We are effectively ridding the world of ISIS".

"It was evidently an intervention that lacked a vision or perspective for the future", Gentiloni said.

"I told President Trump that we have confidence, even though this is a hard moment, in the future of the European Union and certainly in the importance of the relationship between the USA and Italy", he said. A divided country would make stability worse. Italy was a staunch backer of a proposed U.S.

"Now is the moment for the USA and Italy to work together to stabilise the situation and broaden the support for the Tripoli government to other actors", Gentiloni said in a speech in Washington on Thursday before he saw Trump. The issue of the common fight against terrorism dominated the talks. He repeatedly has said that North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members don't pay their fair share and the US pays too much for military defense in Europe.

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"The U.S. role in this is very critical", Gentiloni told a news conference standing alongside Trump.

Trump plans to attend a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation meeting May 25 in Brussels before traveling to the G-7 gathering of representatives from the U.S., Germany, France, Britain, Canada, Japan and Italy.

The two leaders also took to their podiums as reports surfaced of an attack that killed one police officer and wounded another in Paris.

"Again, it is happening again seems", Trump continued.

"Another terrorist attack in Paris".

When President Donald Trump called the renowned deceased opera singer Luciano Pavarotti his friend late Thursday, the moment lit up the internet.

However, the Trump administration also certified that Iran is complying with the deal to abate its nuclear program. But repeated that a solution to the crisis can only be a political one, sought through renewed negotiations under the United Nations umbrella.