Trump slams 'failing' Democrats: 'It is now Hollywood vs


But political commentators are united in surprise at the way that this race turned from a strong Republican seat to a Democrat barely coming up short of 50 percent just months after Donald Trump won his race for president.

Having already endured several million in attacks from national Republican outfits, Ossoff said he's ready for more.

This is the second loss in as many weeks for Democrats who have tried to make special elections a referendum on Trump's presidency. True, but Ossoff scored about 10 percentage points higher than the House Democratic candidate in 2016.

The election is being held to fill the seat previously held by Tom Price, who is now the secretary of health and human services.

If one candidate receives more than 50% of the vote, that candidate will win outright.

The spinning began nearly as soon as the election results were in.

But he received tremendous support from national Democrats who saw the race as an early bellwether of how the party will do in the 2018 mid-term elections.

It was in the CNN interview that Perez claimed that Ossoff was outspent two to one. But the president called to congratulate her Wednesday morning, and Handel said she hoped he would come to campaign for her. Friends of the Earth Action endorsed Jon Ossoff in March. But is that repeatable? "I think we did pretty well in November". And it's clear that there wasn't any excitement on the Republican side. The election day vote, however, was far less favorable for Ossoff.

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He also recorded robocalls warning voters that Ossoff would derail the Republican agenda if elected.

By contrast, the FEC data show that seven groups spent almost $5.8 million right up to Election Day to oppose Ossoff.

Republicans have made their own attempts at nationalizing the campaign.

However, what is concerning is that why do Congressional Republicans perceive Ossoff as a threat and why did Trump want him to lose so badly?

Separately, the 11 Republican candidates in the race spent $3.1 million. Less than 100 days into the new administration, this election sends a powerful signal to Trump that the American people oppose his extreme agenda. He raised over $8 million, compared with Handel's roughly $460,000. Considering Democrats' better-than-expected performance in a special House election in Kansas last week, the Georgia result will be an immediate boon to Democratic group.

Democrats, out of power in Congress and the White House, need a spark to convince themselves they can take back all that they had lost.

Gov. Nathan Deal has endorsed Karen Handel for the 6th District seat to replace former U.S. Rep. Tom Price, her campaign announced Thursday.

"This is a district very close on the presidential level last cycle and the Democrats went all in on this".