Samsung Electronics says Galaxy S8 pre-orders exceeded S7


SamMobile doesn't know what timing Samsung is looking at for the S8 Active's release, but it points out that in the past, Active models have launched in June.

Per this timeline, Samsung could start developing other sample components as soon as next month, said the source. There is a rumor that the Note 8 will be able to utilize a 4K resolution.

Samsung is confident about safety this time, as it has worked to prevent the same safety problems it had for the Note 7 a year ago. Galaxy S8's most eye-catching feature is artificial intelligence assistant Bixby, which compares favorably to Apple's Siri. The same edgeless and thin-bezel design is expected to repeat itself as well.

Samsung has used the same 12MP rear camera in the Galaxy S8 duo from the Galaxy S7 but claims that it has made further tuning to the software optimisation and other tweaks to the hardware as well.

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"It's still a bit early, but initial response to the pre-orders that have begun at various places across the world have been better than expected", Koh said at a media briefing. The South Korean giant has fixed the date as April 19 to launch both the phones in the country.

The foldable feature, however, could appear on two separate devices mysteriously named Galaxy X and Galaxy X1, but at an unspecified time. Today is definitely a good day to be a T-Mobile customer. Features like 4K streaming and virtual reality or augmented reality require much more processing power. What still remains doubtful is how Samsung will make changes to the design aspects of the device. But, this is the first time that Samsung has attempted to use this technology.

It's the American carrier AT&T which has been releasing Active variants of Samsung's smartphones each and every year. There aren't many details beyond that, but the site says Samsung's codename for the phone variant is "Cruiser", which at the very least sounds kind of tough.

Samsung Electronics (SSNLF) said Thursday that preorders for the Galaxy S8 are surpassing preorders of the Galaxy 7, which underscores how quick consumers are to forgive the consumer electronics company for its debacle with the disastrous Galaxy Note 7.