Russia-Syria Ties to Dominate G7 Meeting of Foreign Ministers


"In that regard, we are hopeful that we can work with Russian Federation and use their influence to achieve areas of stabilization throughout Syria and create the conditions for a political process through Geneva in which we can engage all of the parties on the way forward and it is through that political process that we believe the Syrian people will lawfully be able to decide the fate of Bashar al-Assad", he added.

She added that "regime change is something that we think is going to happen because all of the parties are going to see that Assad is not the leader that needs to be taking place for Syria".

"The aggression against Syria oversteps all red lines".

"The world is waiting for Russian Federation to reconsider its misplaced alliance with Bashar Assad".

"Congratulations to our great military men and women for representing the United States, and the world, so well in the Syria attack", Trump posted on Twitter.

"What the Americans did is a strategic mistake and offense. They are repeating offense of their predecessors", Khamenei was quoted as saying by the official IRNA news agency.

"Assad's principal backer is Russian Federation".

The threat came in response to a US strike on Thursday, ordered by US President Donald Trump, which was retaliation for a deadly chemical weapons attack Tuesday in the northern Syrian province of Idlib that left at least 86 people dead, including 27 children, and allegedly employed the nerve agent sarin.

He wrote: "By sending Tomahawk missiles to attack the airfield, aeroplanes and equipment believed to be involved, it has sent a strong signal to the Syrian regime to think twice before using gas in the future".

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But Tillerson, who is expected to visit Moscow on Wednesday for talks with Russian officials, said on ABC's "This Week" programme there was "no change" to the USA military posture toward Syria.

"Why have you attacked the Syrian army which is at war with terrorists?"

Tillerson is expected in Moscow this week for talks with Russian officials. Spokesman Sean Spicer said the missile attack sent a clear message to Assad, but he avoided explicitly calling for the Syrian to leave office.

'That changed last night, ' she said, referring to USA cruise missile strikes on a Syrian government airbase in retaliation for a poison gas attack allegedly by Assad's regime which killed 80 people, including children.

And if the United States plans to constrain its military response to such targeted strikes, there is no role for Australia. Turkey provides military support to some of Syria's opposition forces.

Mr Tillerson is likely to raise the issue of the continued use of chemical weapons in Moscow this week.

Both Russia and Iran previously condemned the United States missile strike.

Graham was responding to a question about whether there is any moral difference between chemical attacks and barrel bombs.