Microsoft commits to a permament schedule for new Windows 10, Office updates


Microsoft will start rolling out major Windows 10 updates twice per year, timed to match Office 365 ProPlus, the company said. One, they can tell Microsoft, via the Feedback Hub app, that this or that program shouldn't be throttled.

The app is similar to a shop that sells knowledge about the basic functions of Windows 10 and it's pretty useful if you're a new user.

Microsoft during the month of January warned users that it would be introducing a limitation that would prevent them from receiving future Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 updates.

What is more significant is that Microsoft is committing to twice-yearly updates for features and security, which is in line with their roadmap for Windows 10. For example, in the case of Windows 10 Creators Update, the recent version will be supported until September 2018.

The announcement came quietly packaged with a blog post on Office 365 ProPlus - basically, Windows 10 update will align with Office's enterprise apps now. It seems like the Windows 10 Creators Update not only provides greater creative features but giving IT administrators an easy task ahead in setting up larger organizations.

FYI: We fixed the issue where supported Windows 10 Mobile devices were showing the update to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update as "not yet available" in the Upgrade Advisor app.

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Now the firm has gone a step further and confirmed bi-annual updates will be released every March and September throughout Windows 10's lifespan.

To put it in perspective, we worked out that means that 1.8 billion people who could have upgraded to Windows 10, opted not to.

The firm says each of these releases will be supported for 18 months after its release.

The Redmond giant reiterates its commitment towards the deployment and servicing Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus making it easier for organisations.

As for what's coming in the next version of Windows - codenamed Redstone 3 - the most exciting bit is probably the UI overhaul dubbed Project Neon which Microsoft teased back in February. The store homepage is a hodgepodge of apps, movies and albums, and assorted games (mostly Microsoft-published).

Microsoft believes that setting a particular schedule for the updates' release would give more convenience to the users.