House Oversight Chair Jason Chaffetz will not run for reelection


According to a statement posted to Chaffetz' public Facebook page, he has made a decision to leave public service and go back to working in the private sector, despite his stated confidence that he would have held onto his seat in next year's election.

The chairman of the House Oversight Committee announced Wednesday he wouldn't seek re-election and in the process re-ignited rumors of a run for Utah's governorship in 2020. On Facebook, Chaffetz argued public service should not be for a full career.

The Utah Republican announced Wednesday on Facebook that he will not run any office in 2018 and "return to the private sector". I am healthy. I am confident I would continue to be re-elected by large margins. He has laid out an agenda for the first two years of the Trump administration focusing on continued oversight of agencies; support for whistleblowers; open government; limited rule-making; scrutiny of the union role in the federal workplace; and addressing poor performance and misconduct by employees.

In a statement, the Republican from Utah thanked his constituents for allowing him to serve as their representative. In a Facebook announcement on Wednesday, he crowed that had he made a decision to run again, he'd handily beat any challenger.

I am grateful for all of you in the current and previous 3rd Congressional District.

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Given conservative backing for term limits and populist loathing of the permanent political class, Chaffetz might be poised to become a national hero for both groups. I acknowledge the outstanding work of my dedicated staff.

"That means delegates will have to get together, and they'll have the convention process for anybody who wants to run, that may require a primary and then we'll have a general, as it were in a constricted time frame", said Herbert.

Chaffetz faced one of the rowdier town halls of the 115th Congress in his district back in February, where protesters criticized the Oversight Committee chairman for continuing his probes of Clinton while not investigating Trump's business ties.

Meanwhile Chaffetz's campaign committee recently purchased and "I've been away from my family for more than 1,500 nights, and it's as simple as a fact that I love my wife and I adore my kids and you just gotta reevaluate your life when you're sleeping on a cot in your office", he said. Chaffetz won 73 percent of the vote last fall. He added, "Republicans have a deep bench of talented candidates in Utah who are more than up to this challenge".