Colorado closer to allow medical pot for PTSD


Just seven percent say marijuana is more harmful than alcohol versus 53 percent (!) who say that alcohol is more harmful than marijuana.

While proponents of legal marijuana say it will curb the criminal black market, Brohl said IL should consider not allowing citizens to grow pot privately.

This is an important step forward in ensuring that we can get medical marijuana to patients who desperately need it. The industry as a whole is projected to exceed $24 billion by 2025. Pot shops for recreational marijuana have been open for business in Colorado and Washington since 2014, and in OR since 2015. If a doctor were to prescribe marijuana, about two-thirds of Americans, 66%, said that they would be likely to use it. The dynamics of polarization being what they are, any backlash from the pro-weed side is apt to make Republicans circle the wagons around the White House, triggering a counter-backlash.

While the beginnings of this high holiday are a bit, ahem, smoky, there are no shortages of 4/20 events taking place across the country - both legally and illegally, we're sure - but especially in states like Colorado, where recreational marijuana is legal. West Virginia became the 29th on Wednesday, the day before 4/20, when the governor signed medical marijuana into law. Attorney General Jeff Sessions ― who has stated his personal opposition to weed ― has anxious some marijuana advocates with ominous comments about the supposed dangers of loosening restrictions on the nation's favorite illicit substance.

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Republican support for federal non-enforcement in states where the drug is legal is lower here at 53/40, but that's the lowest figure among every subgroup tested. This has happened to some medical patients. The city of North Bonneville, Washington, opened the Cannabis Corner in 2015. After first downplaying the role of pot in the drug war, he reversed course Tuesday, calling it a "potentially unsafe gateway drug" and saying his agency would continue to arrest and investigate those caught with the drug. Profits go to special city projects, like upgrading the local playground. That's not just because old habits die hard. Growers, processors, retailers and buyers all pay taxes. Whether or not this swing in public opinion will be enough to deter his efforts remains to be seen, but, if current trends hold, public support of legal marijuana will only continue to grow. Banks are regulated by the feds, which means that most banks won't go near dispensaries, forcing many of them to deal in cash.

But many remain anxious about what might transpire in coming months: While Trump promised as a presidential candidate not to interfere with state-run pot operations, his Cabinet members have sounded alarms over growing marijuana use.

There is also a concern that many cannabis vendors now defying the existing laws may not comply with the new regulations and restrictions either thus ensuring that enforcement remains a challenge that many municipal and provincial police forces will be burdened with the costs of policing.

Of course, all of that common-sense comes to a grinding halt when we arrive at Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a former Alabama Senator who has made it clear that he intends to use the federal government to crack down on marijuana use. Don't bring it on a plane, and don't mail it.