United Nations peacekeepers who created child sex ring in Haiti were never punished


Nine children in the Haiti sex ring - some as young as 12 - told United Nations investigators how Sri Lankan peacekeepers offered them snacks or money for sex. Haley asked, citing the AP's investigation detailing how at least 134 Sri Lankan peacekeepers sexually abused and exploited nine Haitian children between 2004 and 2007.

The U.S. Envoy's appeal came after an Associated Press investigation into a child sex ring in Haiti found that United Nations peacekeepers including over 100 Sri Lankan troops allegedly sexually exploited vulnerable women and children in Haiti.

The AP investigation found almost 2,000 sexual abuse allegations against United Nations missions around the world over the last 12 years. The AP found more than 300 of the allegations involved children, but only a fraction of the alleged perpetrators served jail time.

Investigators showed the children more than 1,000 photographs that included pictures of Sri Lankan troops and locations of where the children had sex with the soldiers.

Some of the Sri Lankan soldiers would teach the children Sinhalese, the native language of Sri Lanka so they could pick up on "sexual innuendo".

"This new stage does not mean that it is the end of the commitment to Haiti", said France's deputy United Nations ambassador, Alexis Lamek.

Some of the more disturbing allegations concern a child sex ring of Sri Lankan peacekeepers who were stationed in Haiti.

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Deputy French U.N. Ambassador Alexis Lamek said the time had come to move toward a new U.N. presence in Haiti, "one which is better adapted to the country's needs and the conditions on the ground, which have significantly changed".

It states that a year ago 103 allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse were reported in field missions, 47 percent of which occurred before 2016.

Britain's U.N. Ambassador Matthew Rycrof said the resolution sends a signal that once peacekeepers aren't needed, U.N. missions should close or transform to focus on other challenges.

In Haiti, the mission known by its acronym MINUSTAH, was deployed in 2004 after the departure of president Jean-Bertrand Aristide to help stem political violence but it has not endeared itself to Haitians.

With her were three other women who said they also were raped by peacekeepers. None of the Sri Lankan peacekeepers was arrested for their crimes; rather, they were simply sent home. She explained that the soldiers would pass along her number to incoming contingent members, who would then call her for sex.

"I've heard the stories about Sri Lankans abusing Haitians, but I was treated well", said the 24-year-old in Port-au-Prince.

Again, the Haitian sex ring is just one example.