United Airlines Changes Policies Following Airplane Incident


"No "must ride" crew member can displace a customer who has boarded an aircraft".

United Airlines is by any definition getting exactly what it deserves - a long-running public relations and financial nightmare.

Crew members will now have to check into flights an hour before take-off to avoid altercations about overbooking with passengers who have paid for their seats. United needed four seats to transport employees to Louisville and didn't get any takers when it offered financial compensation to passengers who would voluntarily leave the flight. A spokeswoman for the airline told BuzzFeed News it became effective immediately.

Delta Air Lines has authorized supervisors to offer as much as $10,000 to passengers who give up their seats on overbooked flights, according to a memo obtained by The Associated Press. One alyuh touch me and see what happen. Munoz has said he has no plans to resign.

After the video showing Dr. Dao's violent removal from flight 3411 went viral on Monday, United Continental Holdings' (Which owns United Airlines) stock plunged by nearly five percent the following morning, equating to a hit of approximately $600 million to its market capitalization (share value multiplied by total number of shares). It's never too late to do the right thing. She said the change was meant to ensure that episodes like what happened last week "never happen again".

United faced protests over the treatment of David Dao.

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United Airlines has changed its crewmember booking policy after the incident that put the airliner in news headlines all week.

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When the poll asked if people would choose a flight identical in $204 cost and timing with United or American, 70 percent said American. The compensation can be in the form of cash, travel credits or airline miles.

"No one should ever be mistreated this way", United CEO Oscar Munoz said in a statement earlier this week, his most contrite apology yet as details emerged about the incident.

A hearing for the petition scheduled for next week "will not take place", said Thomas Demetrio, attorney for the passenger David Dao, in an email.