Trump believes Susan Rice committed crime, declines to provide evidence


She denied ever leaking unmasked names. Name not provided, just a USA person.

"This is why. our effort has to be bipartisan - nonpartisan in a more ideal sense", Warner said.

So the names of Americans picked up by eavesdropping can never be used? Names of Americans swept up incidentally in the collection of intelligence are normally masked, or kept redacted, in intelligence briefings.

How does this pertain to Rice?

The names of USA citizens "incidentally" mentioned in NSA reports are masked to preserve their identities because America's intelligence agencies are barred from spying on American citizens except in extraordinary circumstances with court approval.

He adds, however, that Rice was a "deeply unpopular figure" in the intelligence community.

Susan Rice, former President Barack Obama's national security adviser, is the latest target for Trump and his embattled defenders. Rice asserted that information was "absolutely not for any political objective, to spy, expose, anything".

Rice said reports she would receive would occasionally refer to "U.S. persons" who were caught up in legal surveillance. "Yes, I think", but he cited no evidence to support the claim.

No, and Trump provided none. "If he has evidence that she committed a crime, he actually can show us what his evidence is".

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"It certainly looks like she may have", Trump said, shortly after his joint press conference with Jordan's King Abdullah II at the White House.

So when Rice insists allegations the Obama White House spied on now-President Donald Trump and his associates past year are "absolutely false", there is no reason to believe her.

Rice has denied engaging in any unethical or illegal activities.

Trump offered no evidence to back his allegations or any names of other Obama administration officials he said were also involved.

Not necessarily. Intelligence agency lawyers would need to sign off on such a request.

"It is hard to fathom how the de-masking of multiple Trump campaign and transition officials was not politically motivated".

According to a us official, Rice asked spy agencies to give her the names of Trump associates who surfaced in intelligence reports she was regularly briefed on.

The only transition officials known to have been picked up communicating with foreign officials was Mike Flynn, who had several telephone calls with Russia's ambassador, Sergey Kislyak. However, senior national security officials can request the identities of the Americans if that helps understand the intelligence better.